When you embark on a new adventure you often wonder, “What are the rules and  guidelines to insure success?” “What can I expect up ahead?” At The PEAK, our rules  are buried in our values. We prefer to show you the beauty and freedom of stepping into  the school and church values rather than filling up your backpack with a lot of heavy  rules and regulations. We choose to motivate you with the positive life changes ahead!   We believe that learning the powerful truth of who we are becoming is both expressed  and affected by simple choices and behaviors. These choices and behaviors produce a  Kingdom lifestyle. Based on our corporate call to release the Glory of God over the  Earth, we have developed a set of expectations that we want you to adopt.  Ultimately our choices flow from who we are; however, some things are first learned  from the “outside – in”. In other words, we adopt them before they feel natural or  necessary because they help shape our inner world. School is often an “outside – in”  experience. For example, we did not know the English language, but we imitated it and  adopted a set of behavior, principles, and exercises and eventually learned the  language.  The following is a practical expression of choices and behaviors that flow from our core  mission of releasing His Glory in revival. These will be helpful in creating an atmosphere  that advances the Kingdom. We expect you to grow in WORSHIP. When we are passionate about something our  whole being is engaged. Our mind, emotions, bodies and energy are all directed toward  the thing that has captured us. Direct your passion toward the Lord. As you love Him  with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength you will tap into a passion for His Church,  the lost and yourself. Be challenged to grow as a person of passion and worship this year

Choose to:

  • Worship with your whole being. Worship is not free time or conversation time. It is not necessarily “soaking” time. It is a vital sacrifice that we bring to the King every day. It is a step beyond convenience. It takes a purposeful heart to worship Him every day with joy, but He is so worth it! Allowing yourself to become disconnected and uninvolved is not an option. Leadership will address this as we see it in your life.

  • Allow your worship and passion to be revealed in excellence. All we do is worship to Him. Some of the work you will be asked to complete will be known and viewed by you and God only. That should be enough to motivate you. If you find yourself trying to cut corners or “beat the system”, you are missing the whole point of the school. Embrace the opportunity to glorify Him in every area of your life.

We expect you to grow in the WORD, the truth of God. You will come to love it and  deeply enjoy its value to save and transform. You will ultimately release His Glory as you  radically live according to His Word. To be a true student of the Word you will:

  • Complete your Bible reading in a timely fashion. You will be ready to discuss the truth of the Word with your classmates and leaders.

  • Read the assigned books on time so that you can discuss them, understand them, and integrate the truth they represent into your own life.

  • Memorize assigned scriptures on time.

We expect the revelation of the WEALTH inside of you to deepen. God has placed a  unique expression of Himself within you. You are created in His image. The following are  some of the areas His Wealth will be reflected in your life.

FOCUS is one key to accomplish all that God has called you to become. Your  attention will be fixed on activities, concepts and ultimately on Jesus. You will gain a  “Yes” in your spirit that is strong enough to say “No” to distraction and compromise.  Focus will be expressed by the following behaviors:

  • Come to class on time.

  • Quiet down immediately when someone begins to address the class.

  • Honor the speaker with your full attention.

  • Plan your restroom use for the class break. Try not to leave in the middle of class. Please be especially mindful of this when our senior leaders and guest speakers are ministering.

  • No matter how tired you are, do not lie down or doze off.

  • Turn your chair and/or body to face the speaker

  • Turn your cell phone ringer off and do not answer your phone during class. Do not text during class. Return calls and text messages at the break or after school.

SACRIFICE is another key to achieving what the Lord has for you. We realize that you  have embraced sacrifice by enrolling in The PEAK for the eight­ month program. We  recognize and value your sacrifice of time, energy, commitment, and money. Sacrifice will be reflected in the following behaviors:

  • We hope you will make every class session. You are, however, allowed four absences before Christmas and eight absences afterward. Please treat these absences honorably. Absences are not intended as a way to schedule some “fun” activity, such as skiing or snowboarding, into your weekly schedule. Nor are they extended so that you can extend a vacation or take a day off. They are for crises and unavoidable situations that may arise such as illness, family emergencies, funerals, etc. You will be expected to manage your twelve “excused” absences so that you will not require more.

  • If you come close to exceeding your absence limit, initiate a conversation with your leader before they have to talk to you about it. Be prepared with a plan to explain how you will solve the situation.

  • At 9:00am you are tardy. Do not check in and then make a trip to the restroom. A tardy counts as 1/3 of an absence. Three tardies will count as a full day of absence.

  • Leaving class early will also count as a tardy.

  • Attendance at services, outreaches, conferences and other events will be a large part of our school experience. We expect you to faithfully attend and be on time to all required events.

  • You should not schedule an appointment, even with church staff and leaders, during class hours. On rare occasions you can check with the school leaders if nothing else works out for an appointment time.

  • Embrace a heart and attitude of service. Be quick to volunteer. Remember that the seat of service often turns into the throne of destiny.

  • Be faithful in paying your school tuition. Stay current with school tuition and housing expenses. Sacrifice may mean getting a part­-time job, asking for support, or giving up some of your “pleasures”, i.e. a latte or a trip to the movies.

Your choice to walk in PURITY is another reflection of the wealth the Father has  placed inside of you. The Lord gives us the grace to walk in purity. Holiness is really  wholeness. The Lord asks us to walk in purity because it is life giving! Sin hurts you, and  it hurts other people. Ultimately it hurts God.  At the very least purity looks like the following:

  • Do your homework well and with the right heart.

  • Truthfully record your attendance and Bible reading. Develop a lifestyle of integrity.

  • Deal with your spouse and roommates with absolute integrity and service.

  • Let your sexuality be expressed in a way that pleases God. The Father has blessed marriage with the gift of sex. Married couples are expected to be faithful in body, heart, and mind. All of those who are unmarried are expected to honor God and one another with their sexuality. Jesus never used another person for His own gratification and called it love. Rather His sexuality was a blessing to Himself and others around Him.

  • We encourage Christians struggling with an addiction to smoking to listen to the Spirit about the timing to fight and win the battle against the spirit of addiction. However, for students in The PEAK, the bar is set higher. Those with an addiction to smoking are called to give it up for the glory of God as it limits the power of your ministry. People receiving prayer from you may question the smell of addiction on you as they wonder, “How can you help me break into freedom when you don’t possess it yourself?”

  • An environment of freedom requires a high level of self­management. We are creating an ordered culture but not a controlling one. We are calling out the royalty in one another not just trying to abstain from sin. In the area of alcohol there is not a strict rule concerning its use because scripture does not make a rule about alcohol except to abstain from drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18). Our government does have rules about alcohol. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 years of age. You are considered intoxicated with a moderate amount of alcohol in your system (.08 in the state of Washington). You are expected to obey these laws established and enforced by our government. Your choices regarding alcohol are a matter of your heart. In Galatians 5 we are told that our freedom is given so that we may serve one another in love. The following concepts are important to us as we fellowship together. We disagree with the current cultural value that alcohol is the key to fun, a party, a mood swing, used to relax, or used to distract or ease pain. In many of these situations alcohol is the counterfeit of something that the Holy Spirit has for us. We do not take a break or vacation from our character or the core values. God gives us the power to change and stay changed. If you find in your heart the thought that you need a break from holiness, it reveals a dangerous condition that the Father is ready and able to heal. Enter into dialogue with mature friends and leaders to bring this heart condition to the light. Scripture has given us freedom to drink alcohol and yet this choice potentially disempowers the church and your individual influence when you are drinking publicly or at parties with one another. Consider how you may be a stumbling block to other Christians and even pre-­believers who ignore the call to live a supernatural gospel because in their minds we lack personal holiness. Consider your classmates that may be recovering from alcohol addictions or who are under age. You may be sowing temptation because of your own freedom. Use wisdom, love and honor as you weigh the exercise of your personal liberty in the area of alcohol. Embrace and guard your role as an influencer with seriousness and sincerity. Again, it should be a decision made from the heart, not a decision based on “I have to” or “I can’t.” As you adopt and walk in the values of Zion and The PEAK you will experience a year of powerful face to face encounters with the Maker of heaven and earth. You will be changed forever in His presence. This yearlong expedition will propel you on the path to a life long journey of adventure, joy, love, peace, and service for the Kingdom. Moses went to the mountain, encountered the glory of God and was forever changed. In His presence we are empowered and activated for life and work in His Kingdom.